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“Tractor Tracks III”
Batik on cotton.
84×64 cms

Batik cotton collage with machine embroidery.
60×70 cms

“After the Harvest”
Batik on cotton.
97×74 cms

“Shingle Patterns on the Beach”
Batik on cotton, SOLD.

“Driftwood Tree Stumps”
Batik on cotton, SOLD.

“Pembrokeshire Coastal Cliffs”
Batik on cotton wallhanging stretched onto a wooden frame, 77×104 cms.

A batik picture: Welsh landscape in pinkish brown and green. “Preseli Fields.”
Batik cotton wallhanging,
Stretched onto wooden frame. 97×66 cms.

A batik picture: a combine harvester surrounded by patterns of corn growing in rows and stubble. It's stitched and batiked. “Combine Harvester.”
Cotton batik collage with machine embroidery,
Stretched onto wooden frame,
100×108 cms.

A batik picture: a closer-up version of the above picture. Detail, “Combine Harvester.”

“Still Life, with Jenny’s Wire Sculpture.”
Batik cotton wallhanging stretched onto a wooden frame.
60×58 cms

“New Zealand Garden.”
Batik patchwork cotton wallhanging stretched onto a wooden frame.
95×50 cms

“Catch a Falling Star.”
Batik collage with machine embroidery on cotton stretched onto a wooden frame.
77×76 cms

Giclee prints of batik (high quality digital prints)

“Frosted Trees”
framed 67×56 cms
unframed 44×31 cms

“Tulips in Sunlight”
framed 58×56 cms

“Aldeburgh Beach”
framed 49×43 cms
unframed 36×30 cms

“Winter Morning Sunlight”
framed 42×50 cms
unframed 30×37 cms

“Tractor Tracks III”
framed 50×43 cms
framed 38×30 cms